A Child with ADHD

From the outside in, I seem complete
From my head, hands, legs and toes
Nothing in my body is missing at all
My mother cherished and welcomed me
Her newborn baby under her care will be

As every other kid, life went on in me
I learned to crawl, I learned to walk
I learned to jump and I learned to talk

When in school, I made many friends
I learned to write, I learned to read
I learned some Math and yes, I love recess!

For my teachers, though I'm very smart
Things became harder as the years went past
Since I'm cute, some love me fast
"What's wrong with you?" I hear them ask
My behavior is off, I broke all the rules!

I'm now 11 on 2017, in 5th grade, taking the Reading STAAR test
I needed my pill, professionals say
It will help me focus and in the test, I'll do great
I swirl and I twist, I swing and I turn, as I read to answer the Reading STAAR test

I wonder, if I'm not missing my legs, my eyes nor my head
Why medication, if from my body or in me nothing hurts
Doctors say is a substance I'm missing
My brain lacks of it
My body doesn't hurt, that, I know well
But I can say, It feels like poison ivy going through my vein

I promise I'll focus
To focus I try, I can't fulfill my promise
Since a substance I lack

Some days I do well
Some days not as good
If it is a good day, everyone can tell
If it is a bad one, rejection will hurt

When Ms. Roman asked me:
In bad days how do you feel
What can you tell?
"Rejection!" I said
It feels like poison Ivy, going through my veins
Because, Ms. Roman
It is not my body, but my soul is in pain!

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