A Child’s Conflict

All around I see
A war ravaged city, torn apart
Mothers weeping for their dead children
Do these terrorists have no heart?
They attack innocent children
What did we do wrong?
Now we have to listen as they sing
An encore to war's deadly song.
You hear about what happens to us
You watch our struggles everyday
But watching Netflix will hardly help
Yet, what does anyone say?
Our parents and siblings taken from us
All alone, surviving hell
Yet God bestows upon us no mercy
It makes us want to yell!
We just want to be normal once again
Instead, we drop out of school just to live
Working endless hours for a low wage
Yet, what horrors does the world to us give?
This is merely a cry for help,
All of us are dying
Save our generation before we go
This futile statement I deliver, crying.

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