A Child’s Cry

I can see them,
I can hear them,
I have heard it all before,
The screams and crys from children,
As daddy beats mommy to the floor,
They hear screaming,
They hear crashing,
As they huddle in on bed,
They pray to the lord above,
That there mommy isn't dead,
The older children surround the young,
As they pray there daddy just leaves,
When he does,
The children go running,
They see mommy on her knees,
The older children pick mommy up,
One runs to get a cloth,
The little ones just stand there crying,
Hoping daddy will get lost,
Mommy takes the cloth,
She tries to hide the bruises and the blood,
Cause children shouldn't see such things,
Daddy hurting mommy so much,
Can you see them?
I can,
For i was one of the little ones crying

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