A Child’s Love

You know that you're in love when their happiness means more then your own

You do everything to make it work, even give away your sanity and your brand new clothes

You cant forget the feeling, you cant undo the pain

There's nothing left to fill in the emptiness, to stop the crying in the rain

Until I can take an honest breath and hold my head up high

I will never let the chance to live in peace again pass my precious spirit by

Some days I can go on, other days I can't

The seeds of success and happiness sometimes seem like they are just too deep to plant

Nobody believes in me or my dreams, but welcome the rumors like gold

The stories of my past are just too many and too dark to be told

I have demons, I have baggage, I feel like I'll never win this race

Until I stand with my head held high staring at Satan

Realizing there's no real fear to face

I'm not a coward nor a victim but a 1% Survivor

For my kids my own demons I will face, displace, and erase

I know I'm a wonderful mother and will never let anyone take my place

Or listen to the rumors drooling from the haters' ugly face

The only thing that keeps me going is my kids warm embrace, their golden giggle, and bright shining face

Nobody can love you as much as I do

Don't listen to the negative you know it's not true

You are children of God pure priceless gifts

You deserve the world and more

I've give it to you instantly if the opportunity arose

like a cancer patient needing a chemo drip

I wish I could buy you an island to hide you from the hate

I dream of the world I wish to build for you, to hide you from God's hands of fate

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