A child’s naivety

Little sobs.
Your upturned face wonders; innocent eyes in the dark.
"Why are you crying?" Your whisper pierces me
stars falling from my eyes and sliding down my cheeks.
Your little hands grasp mine; childish oblivion
to a world of sorrows.
I try to smile, but the facade cracks again
crumbles like a cement mask, in stone carved...
and broken.
"Shhh..." I say, though I'm the one crying. "It's oka-"
The lie perishes in my throat, a choke building up
blocking the entryways of breath and life.
Shattered skies lay in starbursts of broken
eggshell cracks
and I can't stop grieving.
Then you say, "Where's dad?"
My breathing chokes again -- and I can't answer
without hurting you.
You stare inquisitively
with unaware, young eyes
that haven't known death yet.
But they will.
They will.
I gasp in a sobbing, quick inhale as my heart bleeds...
the stars freeze in silence, I softly speak the truth
"He's gone."

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