A Child’s Soul

666 mark of the beast,13 year old hookers an pedophile priest the
signs are all over,even right here at home,6 year old children act
like thay are grown,the root of all evil,youv heard it before,but
have you seen a drug phen sale her daughter to score,
murder murder kill kill listen to it enough an it becomes real
worship the gun,fell inlove with the knife how could
a good kid take a mans life,you say that I'm trippn you
say that I'm noid,go ahead an keep thinkn the T.V is a toy
I'm askn you now it has to be said,dont let your kids loose
on the world wide web,thers no way of stopping the way that
it is,im just trying to help you save the soul of your kids
you don't believe me how bout God in the flesh,Matthew 24
will explain it the best,sense wher on verses,how bout
Timothy 2,the chapter is 3 its all coming tru,the Holy
spirit is working,do you believe,go ahead an ask God Get
dow on your knees,1 simple prayer is all that it takes the
power of sin will shatter an break,the devil is real,but he
has been beat,the power of Jesus makes him kneel at our feet
this poem is a warning a word to the wise if you ever need
help just look to the sky,Jesus said to be watchful,remember
to pray,if you follow thos rules everything is ok,i hope
that you listened,i hope you realise,its in my Lord
Jesus that eternity lies!

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