A Child’s Voice

A small child falls asleep
only to be woken many years too late,
and told she cannot play.
She cannot roll in the snow,
cannot jump in the leaves,
cannot wrestle in the dirt.
But she can drive and she can work,
and she is told
that these are fair exchange.

A small child wakes up in a world
that has no need of her.
She wakes and finds her voice,
and is told the world will not listen;
but she is a child.
Just because the world will not listen
does not mean she will not try.

So I am the child:
I have woken and found my voice,
and perhaps tomorrow my words
will be whispers in the wind,
but today I will scream
until my voice echoes in the distance,
because if the world will not listen,
the stars will.

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