A Choice of Hate

Grit and gnashing teeth, yelling, screaming, spitting hate.
On the camera, I see you. Bring down the cold, I run to watch
The mind in flames, driving laughter too insane. Jagged teeth,
filed claws, spill the blood and turning toxic. That is the hate
The tastes of someone's blood, on the tip of a tongue,
The beating drum, perspiration, the blind haze, of hate's persuasion.
Acting out, for one is told no, hate becomes the point of action.
An easy answer for the rule. Hate becomes the toxic answer.
It is our vampiric nature, it is the thirst for blood.
It is the skeleton in the coffin, it is what happens if hate wins
Fueled by time and pressure this country comes undone.
The torches are lit, shadows tarred and feathered,
Chase the bird around with pitchforks and torches,
The bird is slain, now food for the children. Where will we be then.
I can only hope for the blue sky, and not the fog of war
A knight to slay this elder dragon. It breathes fire from its nose.
This ancient beast may wear a mask, but it is the same old foe.
The hate that rancorous, turns forest to a fire.
Someone who preached the truth, ultimately a lair. Fear has turned to
Anger. Anger turned to hate, and if this fire keeps growing
It may be our final mistake. Instead turn ourselves to our heart,
Spirit, and mind. Look inside at what is dearest, then leave your
Home to live fearless. To choose hate is to choose to lose. It eats
Away, and leaves one choleric. It is a waste to do. To choose to
Love, is to embrace a feeling, but still not knowing what to do.
Together we can spread a message that we can care.
We do not need to bring the spear, we can leave the art of war.
We may fail at first but doesn't mean we will stop trying,
For should we choose to hate, our choice will be that of dying.

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