A Chola’z Eyez

A cholaz eyez can tell a story,
Look deep enuff and get lost,
Painted with thick eyeliner to
Hide secrets that could cost.
A cholaz eyez can hypnotize yu,
Sometimes make cholos lose they mindz.
They cover up the hurt inside
And mask their cholos crimez
A cholaz eyez can hold yu
And make yu feel alright
When yu think of yur cholaz eyez
yu feel her arms wrap around yu tight.
On another level a cholaz eyez can pierce
And like a tiger if yu get too close
A chola will get fierce.
A chola hldz dwn her clicka,
Her family and her cholo,
A chola can get dwn brawl style,
Or go at it solo,
A cholaz eyez can burn yu
Or soothe yu in an instant
Be careful how yu treat her
Cause a chola'll make yu cry like an infant
An’ when a chola cries,
Her tears are alwayz real,
Then they dry upon her face
Indicating what she feels
A cholas eyez are beautiful,
Just as much as the chola herself
She worries ‘bout her man in jail,
Her family and her wealth.
A cholaz eyez can tell yu
A million different things,
Pay attention to them and yu'll
Know the happiness she can bring
So when yu hold yur chola
Look deep into her eyez
And there inside yur guaranteed
To find a big surprise
Cause a chola will ryde for her vato,
And never ever leave
Do a chola right and
She will not deceive
And if she really loves yu,
Her eyez will tell the truth,
Don't let a real chola get away
Cause yu'll be the one to lose.

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