A Christmas Not Forgotten

The Christmas Not Forgotten

Let your mind take you to a place in time:
Where children played in the snow;
When laughter filled the air,
And everyone’s filled with love’s glow.
Let me take you to….

The Christmas Not Forgotten

Crisp and cold are the winter winds;
Busy are the streets.
The children, however, can’t wait to get home
And go straight to sleep!
Store windows are covered with frost;
Adults playing in the snow.
Laughter and singing fill their faces,
And eyes full of a joyful glow.

While walking down the street
On my way home,
My eyes and heart perceive,
Through the window of a nearby house,
A fully decorated Christmas tree.
The fireplace crackling with smoke, seeping from the chimney,
With the alluring smell of freshly cut hickory.
An elderly man, about seventy or so,
Sitting in his rocking chair, telling the stories of old.
Children gathered around, staring in awe and wonder,
As the old man imitates Santa’s voice of thunder.
They see me staring, and welcome me in.
A steaming cup of apple cider was given to me, with a hearty grin.

Silent Night and Joy to the World are being played on the piano, and everyone singing along.
The joyful, old man, with a pipe in his mouth,
Proudly sings his part in baritone!

Time grew late; it quickly flies, as always, when you are having fun.
So I said, “So long and Merry Christmas, it’s time for me to run!”
“Can you tell us a bedtime story?” was at one child’s request,
How could I say no to such an adorable child?
So I said I’d give it my best!
“ T’was the night before Christmas” was the poem I read,
While on their pillows sank their little heads.
A little boy with a Pillow Pet® sheep
Was the first one to fall fast asleep.
Soon they both fell asleep, or so I thought,
Until I heard, “And Lord, bless the nice man;
Bless him with a lot!”
This was special;
So special indeed
That a tear, though I tried to stop it, ran down my cheek.

“Whew” I said, as I finally made it home,
Seems it took forever.
I am suddenly overcome with emotion,
And I try to get it together.

Thinking of that family,
That wonderful, loving family!
They will forever be in my thoughts,
And this Christmas will be marked as the one special Christmas that will never be forgotten!

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