A Cliff

An edge of a cliff
A choice of a lifetime
Hold on. or let go.
Darkness all around
I can't see the ground
But the sky is no where in sight either

I hear my name called from below
The voice echoes as it says,
"Come, it's not so bad down here"
But then I hear a voice coming from above
It says clear and strong,
"Take my hand and I will help you up"
My fingers are slipping
My time is near
It would be so easy to just. let. go.

But suddenly I know
I want to live. to not let go
I don't want to see the bottom of this cliff
But I can't see the hand
The one that was offered
The one that promised to be there
My time is up and my fingers slip off
But I fling my hand into the sky I can't see
And the hand that promised to be there. caught me

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