A Closer Look

Today when We make decisions in some cases more is not bettah than less,
to be grounded and rooted in wrong these are the ways of narrowmindedness.
We have to free up Our ways of thinking and stop trying to conceal the pride,
The Lord's word is willing to aide Us But,it's up to Us and the path We decide.
choices of right or wrong are in Us,This the Lord did grant,
None can blame God when all don't go well You must look back at what You plant.
the wolf will never be the lamb No,no matter how good the disguise,
Jah's truth comes with much light to shine on all evil so there's no surprise.
In these times All must Be careful not to get tangled up in satan's snares,
We can guard against many of the wrongs by in true faithfulness sehing Our prayers.
the moral's of this world are worsening for many refuse to Jah's laws obey ,
Because time is given to Be true in repentance many now have false hopes thinking they won't pay.
Some will live their life time with sins piled high and waiting at the end,
will have lived a vain life with satan now find that satan will never be a friend.
for he is only here to deceive You But,can only do so by Humans will,
Our deeds We must do in earnestness so the Lord's word will Be fulfilled.
Too many today attempt to entice with sweet-talk that pours abundantly from the lips,
with their talk being built up on vanity when Man speaks in pride they fear and slip.
This world must remember there's only Jah to fear nothing is gone until He has took,
Humans best abandon these shameful and idolatrous lives,for Almighty Jah is assuredly coming for A Closer Look! Amen

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