A clueless mind

Well, at first thought we all would feel,
Reason behind this? No-one had a clue
And making the vaccine was a great deal
We all would lay down feeling blue

But something shone brightly
Made us realise,
What god thought above was very wise
Neither I nor you were expecting this

School got closed
And everything was online
And some people went into quarantine
But our family had a bright side,
These days were used in the best way possible
And we all tried to forget the terrible

We spent most of our time as a family
And all of this became heavenly
While our car keys gathered dust,
We would be at home playing a game of trust

Stressed mornings reduced to relaxations
And we didn’t need any explanation
To tell us that, this all would be fine
All we needed to do was just have some family time

With the air less with voyagers,
The earth began to breathe
The beaches bore new wildlife
Which scuttled off into the sea
Kanchenjunga was visible from Darjeeling
And the moon looked brighter from my ceiling

I heard chirping outside my windows
Of birds, I didn’t even know about
The sky began to clear
Revealing a beautiful layer,
Of mountains huddled with snow

Though I didn’t miss the school for the last few months,
By the memory of the times when
We could play mischievous pranks on our friends
And the tenuous giggles the evoke laughter
Then wish that the teacher would not make all of this end
I am yearning. The most terrific part of school,
The times when we all would scramble towards our desks
Not even trying the take any big risks

I can no longer hold myself to the chimes of the morning bell,
And the climbing of ups and downs in the stairs,
Meeting old friends in a new class,
And embracing them in pairs.

Sharing each other’s tiffin’s
and waiting for the teacher to say “Good Morning” With a smile
Well Afterall it has been a while
We’ve done it!
We’ve won it!
And we will never forget to maintain perfect hygiene
So vividly taught us by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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