A cold Embrace

I cry reaching into the mist, a feeling of emotion pulls me.
The floor beneath me just falls away as if running out of fear far from me.
For once I am weightless and just like flying or falling or whichever seems the extreme.
I am looking down but still nothing but the mist.
I look for the Earths warm embrace; even if were to just come up as simply as it fell away.
Just slamming into me without any regrets; bringing its cold quick darkness.
Even for this sudden second that it should taunt me; the very second of its even impact, SLAM!
Quiet, all is quiet not one sound, just silence and its surrender; surrendering into
the void all one has ever know; just gone… Empty.
My sudden thoughts, full of wander even.
Should I be weary with these thoughts? How simple and extreme the fact of having such thoughts; just poisoning my mind.
Is this my insane plea a desire within my lack of humanity?
I vibrate this very, very existence with my scream of pain, within this emotion.
Amazed though, by the simplicity of said thoughts- conjured into actions departing my flesh from such a tragic world.
This destiny; a spoiled child and one without embrace; a mothers love to heal this child
And it’s sad disfigured face.

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