A Commune Of Flies

The rotting stench proceeds to abduct,
a sworm to the center of this used up place.
Paracites roam thru the depleated confines,
with the timid confusion of a simular face.
The crowds follow in a blind manner,
to the comfort within a hypocritical structure.
Strangers to freedom march side by side,
to discover chaos bleeding from the architecture.
Above the absolute hieght of the towering buildings,
clones are percieved thru a collidiscope point of view.
Insects are lead to the deep sun fire,
in a solution to control the thoughts of the opposing few.
Standing at the dire brink of an extinction,
that was never intended for this selfish breed.
Without legs supporting the balence of the chair,
all power shall fall down to the stance of a knee.
Sometimes the idea is better left vacant,
in order to cloak the devestating aspects of reality.
A glimmer of hope hides inside the eyes of the meek,
to promote the world into a sense of tranquility.

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