What? She asks, a golden egg he reply, sorry there is no such thing she sigh.
Take me home this minute, no thanks dear my heart is not in it.
I am running up the road, you are jumping, jump but quite acting like a toad.
Can you, please recite this poetry to me my good man old age has taken my eyesight.
How old am I none of your business I am just here for a quick visit?
Yes, oh yes it reminds me of the good old days, which was the time we parted ways.
My memory is not so sharp, to be honest I forget if we ever throw darts.
Come to the point, were you there or not, hogwash it's just an empty pot.
If you build it, why cannot you mend it, a dreamer you are full of cracks and dents.
Wrong or wright it's time to fight, success is delight, remember it! all right.

Book six Timeless Poetry and raw energy – Strength & Vigilance.

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Unfinish conversation without beginning or an ending, making no sense at all.