A Conversation With Him

A conversation with him

I know you thought what you did was cool
But what about my feelings huh ?
I guess me being 16 was just stupid huh ?
Me almost loosing my head ? I almost
Felt that I was on a Ferris wheel , going round
And round and round . Was this how you planned
It ? Huh is it ? I was minding my business
As usually . But you always being the class act
And being a fool . You always picked with me
But I guess that was your way of telling me
“you liked me “? Lol huh ? Was it but on this
Particular night , everything was changed
In my life. That night you told me that your friend I liked
wouldn’t never like “Me” , he just wanted to have sex with me .. Then I said “ F you “. So happen that this all take placed at work
Then the manager said “ Go clean up , time for closing “. I was so happy , so it was my night to clean the bathrooms ... while I was in the bathroom stall cleaning the toilets .. you came in ! I told you bluntly “ Get out”! You wouldn’t listen , I started loosing my breath and you started sucking on neck . While I was hitting you in your chest . I kept telling you to get off me !!! Why you couldn’t listen ? You started unbuckling my pants .. Why ? Why ? I asked God , why you putting me through this .. He started ..... until my last scream led out and he told me “ If your ugly , fat tail tell anybody about this I would hurt you “... So I never told .. But can you answer me .. why you do it to me ? Why ? No , is no ..

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