A Conversation

a b….a and b
who's c?
well…who the heck is d?…e…f
wait a minute
who's e and f and where did you meet them?
you haven't told me about d yet
g I forgot,I was talking to h and i
is this a jk?
where did they come from?
they're from l and m….lame
can you explain who c is?
no,i have to p
another q for u….u?
forgetting something?….huh?
don't be condescending….hello!! r we forgetting something??
r we going to get into it again?….o I get it
s..t! who the hell is o?….what about u? and you never told me about the others
you mean u?
v and w
that's our car
oh my god,just give me the truth
you mean the rest?
xy and z
i give up
who's up?
shut up
can we start over?

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