A Cosmic Calling

She tilts her head back
At an angle that makes everything change
Everything seems bigger
She feels less important somehow.

It never happens in the sunshine
It’s only when the moon has taken her place in the sky
Illuminating a different perspective
The stars gleaming back at her.

She can feel the power and force of the universe
The untouched vastness of it
Untouched by homo sapiens
Clean, untarnished, natural.

She is but a blemish on the earth
Humanity; destroying everything in its path
Has not touched these wandering stars.

The stars spill
The constellations call
The moon murmurs
She sighs

She longs to float
Up, up, up
But in doing so will secede the wonder and magic
The awe of the unknown.

She longs to be part of it
That she could call the moon ‘mother’
But humankind will destroy its’ alchemy
One raw energy is no more vital than the other.

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