A Cosmic Marvel Turned to Dust!

By DCM   

A once vibrant Cosmic marvel turned to dust,
the result of hate, and of ignorance and of lust!

An illusion we have of being the crown of creation,
an illusion that has caused none but devastation!

As our giver of life stands right before our eyes,
we choose to bicker, argue, and fight over gods and over lies!

There are powers far greater than our understanding of gods,
when in truth we may all be wrong, what are the odds?

We are from the Earth and that should be our church,
we are the protectors of life and as such must emerge.

Is nature then, not the apex of amazement and burst of life,
when we so comfortably trade that for money, possessions, and strife.

Creating a twisted mental persistence to compete,
when in the end it will all be imminently absolute.

Nature is my church and my actions my proud religion,
while the opinions others have of that is a mere smidgen.

I am the forest dweller and ambassador for truth,
adding to the spice of life just a tiny dash of vermouth.

A protector, a sailor, a thinker and perhaps even a saint,
be it as it may, my decisions and path are always quaint.

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This Poems Story

My view on where it all went wrong, the destruction we have created as a result of our own way of life. Placing value in that which matters least, while neglecting to pay attention to that which matters most.