A cry for help

You have no idea how hard life is for me.
I take care of the children. I cook and I clean.
I make sure you have clean clothes, and that you all eat.
Yet, all of my efforts go unseen.

I hold this household together, alone.
I make breakfast, pack lunches and work from my phone.
I am a nurse, secretary, superhero and safe zone.
I do homework, change diapers, give baths in our home.

I put myself last, don't worry about me.
If you all are happy, then I'm living the dream.
I'm really not use to so much responsibilty.
But, I'm giving every single inch of me.

I wish you here. I miss having you by my side.
But you always run out to your shop and hide.
I'm left all alone to run a household of five.
It's burning me out. I barely feel alive.

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