A cry for help

By Kia32   

A cry to get out, but always in doubt.
A cry to want things right, but continue to put up a fight.
A cry at life, the pain of a relationship
That has no meaning, but has you tearing.
Torn up inside feeling all alone with noone to barely talk too.
A cry to be right and get out of sight.
A cry over mistakes, now it's hard to escape.
A cry to be happy, yet still feel crappy.
Lord what must I do to get better? To help myslef in this sitiation.My heart aches, my mind shakes, my life is in shambles.
My thoughts make me wonder. A cry for help, a cry to stop thinking constantly; tired of being depressed and sometimes stressed.
I wanna be the best of me , I wanna be on top. I wanna achieve instead I haven't believed. The hard times bring a cry I must not lie.
Nothing seems to get better only messier. A cry is in the air we breath, a cry of a hurting child, who was neglected or abused and only wanted love.
A cry from soneone who been touched by someone they thought they can trust.
The fastest thought sometimes in these situations seems to be; leave this world and be happy. Just knowing the consequences as a christian brings a cry to wondering why?
Things you struggle with your flesh, the heartache hurts so much.
A cry, A cry, A cry!! So sad is the way we sometimes feel. Love never seems to exist its just four letter words that never gets better.
A marriage that crumble, never get the answers just a inside cry and never a proper good- bye.
Sometime a cry can need just a change but sometimes there is never enough ears, then its to late, now we burying someone six feet under ground where there is no more sound.
When enough is enough, tired of putting up a fuss with somone telling me to hush.
Let me be free, let me go on . I don't wanna hold on. A cry for help is only one help from the Lord our God above, Who keeps me strong even in the midst of everything going wrong.
When you may not think he hears you or sees what is going on, he lets u know in the Bible through scripture your not alone!!!
Lord knows he the only one who keeps me holding on, who holds my tears back when A Cry for Help is coming on.

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