A Curse Goes a Walking

Where words are expressed one cannot begin to speak
when life is at its worst and trials prove to rebuke the meek
there, you shall find me, hidden amongst the slain
their hidden world unfolded, painful, yet sustained
In my teary eyes I seek a refuge for my soul
anguished and belittled I stand before my foes
like a child for comfort I reach out to the sky
only to be retorted and aborted through the night!
I cursedly scratch at these wounds, hoping to bleed away the stains
A'last! they have become me etched into my veins
I've walked this road before, with a burdened heavy heart
hoping for a fresh land and newer life to start
I hiss at the ground and the tombstones that lay way
the wind is cold, the air is stale, and the sky grows grey with age
no food can console me, nor lust my urge
I am a rolling thunder driven by the surge
Is what I am not who I was?
And if I was then was I not?
Blood thirst is all I care for, be it was for whom I ought
Mine eyes I do not trust them, they betray my every move,
my ears are none the better, for they listen to death tune
my lips utter words unknown to human ears
A curse that goes a walking will never disappear,
so my path continues, a blessed cursed thing
the people that are on it, well there's none living

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