A daddy she will know

Born into a world
she was cold and bare
in unfamiliar light.
God sent an angel
to a daddy I know
to protect her day and night.

She releases a breath;
he reaches for her
an automatic imprint.
He cradles her gently
gripping emotion
bonded in an instant.

The world is the same
all problems remain;
a side he doesn’t show
She opened her eyes
healing his pain
She says daddy watch me grow.

God sent an angel
to a daddy I know
to change his life forever.
To feel a love
she’s the piece of him;
the part that makes him better.

It’s the innocence,
the child with in us,
an angel hopes to seek.
She watches daddy
sees his pain
protects him when he’s weak.

She likes to dance
talk and sing…
she’s allowed to make a mess
A gift from God
now watch her grow
strive to be her best.

Born into a world
she cannot control
but learns to be okay.
When she falls
she hears his voice
and shakes the pain away.

A man with passion
this daddy I know
once selfish and unstable.
With trust in God
and patience in time
came daddy’s little angel.

She has his heart,
dark hair soft smile
proof he is not dreaming.
Buried his past
to protect his purpose
this angel gave him meaning.

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