A Dad’s Promise: To Julian

I saw you first as small, indistinct, in blurred black and white.
You were just barely then….. my son.
The doctor’s skill revealed all your tiny perfection,
But you were without a name, you were… abstract.
Today, you are my son with a name that rolls off the tongue with Spanish elegancia:
Julian Arnulfo Zamora.
My son…my son…
Just two little words, but two words that engulf the world
As paired hands gently cup the softest feather,
The lightest puff of dandelion, the smallest smile of your mother.
Endings are beginnings, mijo.
Where I ended with my father, I am beginning with you now, Julian.
I am watching you…unborn and growing inside your mother…
Watching your every movement in my heart, which grows in love and determination.
I patiently wait for that first time I can hold you cradled in my own strong arms
And look through tear-filled, wondering eyes into yours.
I will caress your skin still warm and wet from your mother’s labors;
I will hear you wail as you take your first breath…
And I will know that you are my son.
You are a creation of our love, your beautiful mother and myself,
And you will live as a child of love as well.
I am not a rich man in money, Julian, but the love of your family is boundless in wealth.
You will be born into a family of abuelos, of tios and tias, of primos and segundos.
We will all love you, guard and protect you, watch and hold you
Within our hearts and souls through all the years of your future.
Julian, this is my promise for you now…and my promise forever.
I love you, mijo.
Sangre de mi sangre.

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