A damaged heart


A damaged heart is when you got cold bruises and your feeling sculptured, pain hurts the soals wounded and your spirits tortured, A damaged heart is when your pain is respected, the world is against you and you feel shame and neglected, When your hearts been damaged you feel useless in mars, with a torn open chest filled with bruises and scars, A heart thats been damaged the name is the question, you shake from anxiety full of pain and depression, When your hearts been damaged you scatter right and sober fast, it seems your heart collapses while it shatters like broken glass, When hearts are damaged scarry hobbies are issues, embarrasment is your routine friend and everybody is against you, When you know its damaged you feel danger and part jumps, tears spilling out your eyes from the anger your heart pumps, When your hearts damaged the charmful causes phoneyness, sitting quiet in a room with harmful thoughts and lonleyness, A damaged heart your fears triple down your worried cries, with a snotty nose as tears trickle out your blurry eyes, Damaged hearts make you fill like a seller through the homage, try the best to be positive but failure is all you accomplish, A damage heart feels like a hooker life do it, feel like your heart has had a butcher knife through it, When your hearts damaged you blast away in the city, cursedwith demons showin aggrivation and pitty, When your hearts damaged you stay plotting and begging, the inside of you crumbles and your forgotten and stranded, You feel so damaged all you do is choose the dope and game, cover in you missory and you start to loose your hope and faith, When damaged it seems it bugs to stare, life feels short and it seems nobody loves or cares, When your hearts damaged the situation is crazy, heart soaked in guilt your manipulated and angry, Damaged hearts feel like they happen for another reason, trying to swollow your meal but you have trouble eating, With a damaged heart even your steps are hurries, try to dry your eyes from the warm tears filled with regrets and worries, Strive for better now your acting in your wearey mind, you starts shaking and need a napkin for your teary eyes, The pain hurts bad its better if bandaged, this is how it feel to have a heart thats been DAMAGED......

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