A dark Rose

Through the night as the wealthy sleep takes to the streets. Through misty shadows he stalks his heart racing his masked face grinning his body cloaked his voice choked back burning to gloat as swift as a wind blown leaf stalking the night a great thief. The guards of the prince seek his blood for he drags their names through the mud. Day and night they search palace and keep and seek all secrets dark and deep. A secret Known to a selected few a secret they solemnly keep. All stand under the banner of the rose in fair Verona as it goes. As he sneaks home his pockets run deep his hands claiming what the wicked have both sown and reaped. His quick hands claim and gain fueling the death facing game. As comes the time for the stars to sleep the sun doth rise shining through the city illuminating all dark and deep. Thus through the fading shadows he doth creep both sack and pockets heavy and deep. Filled with jewels and gold bright as the suns glow and they upon those in need he doth bestow. A rose in the night to the wicked he doth plight a plague in the night to all who strayed from good and right even the crest of the Iris ever challenging the rose for might. He the of the rose noble in blood and name not a common thief as are the greedy both petty and ever hungry to gain. To the safety of home he doth retreat climbing a wall above the street through the window he doth climb greeted by bed warmth and sweet wine. The guards below seething in defeat ever cursing the elusive thief. At last he doth shed his cloak and mask and in the warmth of home he doth bask. yet inside he doth feel cold despite being daring and bold. As always he feels alone weary cold and sorrowful to the bone. For his heart doth ever ache as though it felt the poison of the snake. A nameless pain he felt from the time he was born wholly in his heart plaguing him from the start. As day doth break he reflects upon his compulsive task looking upon his dark mask. taking to the streets in the night an endless search for his own light. A cure to sooth his nameless pain yet she is a foe to his name. Until that night of fate when they shall meet he will take to the streets seeking his light in the misty night. He his a raven in the night eluding all who would see him to the gallows he known to all as the prince of shadows.

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