A Daughter’s Vengeance

He was breaking. His eyes were telling the story of time.
He was lost. His heart was off beat, battered, and broke.
He was alone in life, unloved, fatherless, motherless, daughterless.
He was disappearing, blinded by sight. His vision became deception into a presumed reality only formulated from his viewpoint.
He loved with twisted control, expectations set only to fail. Love was conditional to his rulings of what should be, could be and must be.
The control was gone and so was his love.
He could no longer hear, only hear himself. He would talk aloud but we could not hear a sound. His silence became our fear. Fear of losing his family because if he lost us, he would be nonexistent in this life.
Were those his feelings or ours? We lived damaged or was it in hell?
Anyone could see it yet why were we the only ones who could feel it.
He asked to be left alone, contradicted actions tell a different version.
Version reconciled by divorce papers, depression, suppressed appetite, anger, nightmares, cries and apologies. Contradicted actions exemplified behavior into a silent party.
Drowning in distilled fermented juices, pills, silence and mother’ earth greens.
Unspoken feelings left homeless.
He searched for redemption from the lord, as I asked the lord for my vengeance.
He wrote his own obituary that night knowing his daughter’s vengeance was here.

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