A Daughter’s Lament

Have you seen my papa, Lord? They said that he had died,
But when I asked my mama, Lord, she only cried.
Some men shot him one morning and took away his life.
He was not given a little chance Lord, to be able to survive.
My papa fell and no one cared.
Our hearts cry out for justice, a sentence for life be given.
While Mama says, man's justice is but a shrunken image of Your own.
My papa was a good man, Lord.
He loved me dearly, my mama and brothers all.
But most of all, I know, he loved especially You.
Is that why he heard Your call?
I'll miss him in the mornings, when he kisses me and hugs me tight
I'll miss him in the evenings when I go to sleep at night.
I'll miss him in the daytime especially during meals,
I'll miss him when I play the piano,
This time the notes will sound like church bells.
I'll even miss his signature on my report card,
His big smile when he proudly sees
That I really tried very hard, 'though I'm not a real whiz.
So, when you see my papa, Lord, tell him that we love him so,
Mama cries day and night, me too, but I'm sure You know.
Tell him not to worry, Lord, for Mama says we will survive.
I'll do my best in school, my brothers too, we will all strive.
In a way, we're kind of happy, Lord,
That he's with You, he longed for that
And when we too must go,
The two of you will be waiting there for us.

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