A Day at the Zoo

I went to the zoo yesterday!
I saw all sorts of animals!
I saw the monkeys monkeying around.
The hyenas made all sorts of laughing sounds.
The baby kangaroo got lost in her mother's pouch;
But that's okay, because soon she was found.
The gorillas kept picking at each others' bugs,
The tigers looked like they were giving hugs!
The giraffe's neck reached to the top of the trees,
Which is where he ate all the leaves.
The elephants stomped their humongous feet...
Then there was a big stampede!
The hippos were eating their aquatic plants;
They were wading in the water at my one last glance.
Something interesting that I did see
Was that penguins have no knees.
The zookeeper told me that I should know better.
Penguins' knees are hidden by feathers.
It started to rain, the heat turned to cold;
Soon my umbrella, I had to hold.
Around the zoo, enough I had roamed-
I had to leave, it was time to go home.
My fun at the zoo I'll never forget,
I'll always remember the animals I met!

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