A day in my town

I looked over and saw the deep blue sky smirking at me.
The dazzling sunlight beams down bounded by the fluffy cloud
On a glorious day while the birds were chirping with glee,
I feel the kindness in the warmth of the sun.
The crunchy leaves crackle, and the balmy breeze rustles
And it blows past me and against my face.
As I kneel down, I feel the grass wet with dew.

Cars hustled and bustled like a lightning bolt.
Through the concrete roads,
I sensed the anxiety erupting and the curiosity bursting
And the popping questions leaving me puzzled.
I got an earful of the babbling of adults,
And the whispers of the young ones.

As the cold sunny day faded,
The night seemed to be a big black cat.

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