A Day in Paradise

To be so upset you start to have trouble breathing
Maybe its because you wish to die so badly
Maybe you're too upset to realize you've started breathing heavily
So you just try and calm down, but you still crave that beautiful blade across your skin
You want to cut out the bad; Not realizing you're ripping out the good
Three cuts and its done...
You feel yourself slipping away. All you can think is "I'm doing this, I'm going to be happy."
No more JUDGEMENT, I can finally breathe
The ambulance saved you
Everyone tried, your family, me, I tried. Couldn't stop. They won't stop
He thinks, she thinks, they
You're alive
You said they killed your paradise
But did they tell you, you made their lives a paradise again

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The poem is about someone who has been through a lot. feel free to have your own interpretation of the poem.