A Day in the Life

I’m with a girl,
The one who makes my head whirl,
I am on a farm,
But then I hear my alarm,
I open my eyes,
And to no surprise,
I grab my phone and turn on the screen that seems brighter than the sunrise,
I scroll through my feed,
Seeing ads for things I don’t need,
My eyes slowly begin to close,
I put my blanket back over my toes,
But then I remember the bus,
And how if I miss it dad will make a fuss,
So reluctantly I roll out of bed,
I drag a comb across my head,
I proceed to throw on a coat,
Plug in my earbuds and hear some song about dreams and a boat,
As I walk along the street,
I think about all the people I will meet,
I think about the sun, the trees, the asphalt,
Then I almost trip and come to a halt,
I pray to God,
Then I continue my melancholy trod,
I hope the math test won’t be too long,
And I remember life is but a song,

I get to the stop to stand and wait,
Patience seems to be a valuable trait,
I eventually get on the bus,
I hear a few kids cuss,
I get to school,
Hope I look cool,
I walk into class and see the girl,
The one who makes my head whirl,
Then I remember I am only in high school,
And dating is for the fool,
If only I could be more rational,
But “man is she fantastical”

And when the day is halfway to its end,
I go to lunch and see TImmy, my friend,
We sit and talk,
About the beautiful girl and her walk,
About how to break the ice,
And if his morning was nice,
Then I go to my classes to do work easy and hard,
To make a spanish bingo card,
Once school is done,
I walk to the baseball field at a pace that should be considered a run,

I get in the locker room and see people pulling hair,
Over there someone is breaking a chair,
We start to practice,
If only I could be better than this,
After a while we start the game,
I really hope we stop playing so lame,
I see an error or two,
After we lose the game coach gives us a good chew,
I call my dad to have him pick me up,
He won’t take long if I have any luck,
As I change I look around and see it’s late,
Then I sit and I wait,
When I get home my dad makes me sit down and listen to his side of the parental court case,
I can never tell who is lying to my face,
I hope he won’t talk long,
And I have to remember life is but a song,

I try to go to bed,
But I can’t get her out of my head,
I hope I can sleep for long,
That my geometry answers weren’t wrong,
But as soon as I’m back on the farm,
I hear my dreadful alarm.

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