A Day Like This

Did you ever have a day when you said hey I
am tried?
Have you ever had a day when you say I am Sam I am
like in the childerns book?
Have you ever taken a real good look at your life,
and say what has this take from me for everyone
around me to remain happy?
Have you ever had a day when all it would have taken
to make things right was a little word of
encourgement from another?
Instead all they could do is turn up their nose like
a water hose and run off at the mouth degrading you
for what they thought you ought to have done.
This could have been avoided with a thank you or a
please behind their words.
I guess we all have had these days when the sun
seem to shine on everyone but us.
Life is a mixture of what could have been and
what should have been for all of us I am assured at times.
While on this earth talk and walk so you never
have to say I am sorry or goodbye to a friend or love one.
A smile and a kind word will take you far or near.
Just remember never linger here with unkind words.
Life is like a train running through your heart
be careful that it doe not derail at the wrong stop.

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