A Delicious Poison Cocktail

I know your kiss is venom, but one drop and I need more.
So put your lips right up to mine, and shake me to the core.
Your gaze, hypnotic, burns right through me,
but I purposely lock eyes so I'll never be free.
At the mere touch of your electric, flawless skin,
a surge shoots through my body, making my head spin.
It's one that could kill me if I'm exposed for too long,
so why does loving you feel right when I know it's so, so wrong?
I know it's detrimental, but I just can't get enough.
The cocktail's smooth going down, but the aftershock is rough.
It's a sweet, sweet pain, as the poison invades my throat,
but I close my eyes and drink it up, and away my worries float.
You show no mercy with your agonizing mind games,
but I play right along, getting burned by the flame.
I'm hopelessly stuck in position head over heels,
fully aware that my fate's just been sealed.
You've sunken your teeth in, a grip locked in place,
but I'm submissively helpless at the sight of your face.
It's as if you've cast a spell on me, from which I can't shake free.
Just be careful with my fragile heart; this is my desperate plea.

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