A Demon Named Pride

The air of the night was crisp,
My footprints marked my path.
In the distance the sounds of horses hooves echoed,
A carriage rolled down a road to the right of my staff.

I walked along in my layered clothes,
The cold snowy flakes from above kissing my skin.
Though the wind was not blowing at all,
The trees still swayed from the darkness of my sin.

I had broken the rule that had kept me alive,
Pride had been set free.
After a game of skill in which I ruled all,
My darkness came out to thee.

A dark monster,
Twisting with evil whisperings in its veins.
This beast can be stopped by no one,
At least no one with a set of sturdy reins.

So here I walk,
Alone with my demon named Pride.
Though I cannot even dream of escaping it,
I would much rather run away and hide.

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