A diamond lecture

I know a place where they say no worries
Hey, I like that; it’s got an island vibe to it
I’d like to venture to where they speak that Dialect
I know a place where they say have nice days
It’s reggae music and dancing on beaches all night
It’s seeing sea turtles where the tourists’ ships aren’t allowed to fleet
I know a place where there are no crystal balls
Hey, I like that; nobody lets the future torment
I’d like to go to a place where the people live like that
I know a place where paradise the civilization demonstrates
It’s horizons of Oceans with sunsets and sunrises of dark and light
It’s wherever you pause when time keeps flying and life feels like it’s going to be all right
I know a place where sad people can get “Cheer-Up Man” Lectures
It’s about enjoying what’s around you to live in the moment
It’s about beautiful scenery that speaks to you, and any city in the World is where it’s at
I know a place where the wind calls to Mary like little kids give wet Willies
Hey, I like that; a Universal Dialect for the Earth’s language seems the best
I’d like to hear her speak to me somewhere off the coast
I know a place where she speaks your favorite Dialects always
If someone from the islands would cheer you up, then speak it to you she must
If the wind is blowing in your ear, then listen to her instead of telling the weather don’t
I know a place where the Universe, time, and fate’s cues sit and play cards
Hey, I like that; the winner of the game I will await
I’d like to know now, but that game goes on for life, and it won’t end tonight
I know a place where we forget this sometimes
It’s listening to the Dialect of the game that’s so exciting, so fearful we’re not
It’s hearing the cursing of the loser and feeling the jumping of the winner, and being O.K. with not screaming but
I know a place where a silent audience we are of our decisions
Hey, I like that; the doubt I will make no longer a threat
So come along with me to an exciting game where our part is to have no worries like I said at first
I know a place where there’s kinky reggae, and we can stir it up and lively up ourselves like reincarnated Bob Marley’s
Thanks for hearing out my Dialect; I appreciate it a lot
But promise you’ll share your favorite, so we can escape together again as we all use words to finally fly away from the nest

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