A Different Pair of Eyes

Some days, I see the world in slow motion,
I see beyond than what's in front of me,
I'm washed offshore in a wave of feelings,
I'm not in a sea, but in an ocean,
of emotion, just waiting to break free,
I feel every individual soul,
their struggles, their hardships, their happiness,
I see the hidden trail of tears, rushing,
coursing down their cheeks, I can see the pain,
and the smile that they hide it beneath,
as if letting out what they feel is bad,
because no one will ever understand,
not truly get what they possibly feel,
It's true, people only care for themselves,
it's not surprising, if they don't, who will?
I can finally take a walk in their shoes,
see life behind a different pair of eyes,
experience another perspective,
when you think about it, what's left to see,
is that, on the inside, we're all the same,
we all feel fear, we all have weaknesses,
we all have courage, and the strength to stand,
even when the world is falling apart,
on days like those, I see the unity,
because in the end, aren't we all human?

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