A Different World

I’m in the world that’s in constant motion yet arriving nowhere,
A world, so compromised, good is disguised as evil
A nightmare
Not a dream, but A lonely place filled of screams.
A world where it seems as if no one is on the same team
A dark place where strangers paste, walking back-and-forth, reminding you of your fears, tears and years lost.
You see I wanted to change the world so bad I thought of selling my soul to the devil
Without caring about the cost of the consequences.
I just wanted to defend the defenseless.
This world is in need of heroes without capes because the ones with them are fake
the world is In need of something real so that it can heal
To be continued…….

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    This Poems Story

    Long story short, I’m a mother raising a young black, and Hispanic man who is also autistic. I just wish the world could be a better place for him, and all other children.