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A Diligent Heart

Through our past transgressions we come from the darkness into the light. Now seeing that life can hurt and destroy you, so look to the sky for everything to be alright. Knowing that through the trials and tribulations that life will let happiness shine through!  What is happiness to you? Is it the ability to smile and laugh then happiness is just electrical signal sent from your brain to your nerves. Or is happiness what you feel in your heart that tug your soul when butterflies feel your stomach with served happiness to me doesn't come along and comes when there's someone there to share the love that loved it's held behind it and breakable wall so nobody can get inside the things you hide you hide from yourself you run scared of the truth of reality turn around and face it true to the only person that truly knows you is you so let the time pass without dwelling on what you had you got to leave the past in the past move on to the happiness that you can finally grass forgive to be forgiven and loved to be loved be humble and kind no matter what this life is done to you look up in the night sky at the Moon it is proof that there will always be like to know the true depth of one soul that is truly to happen is for which we seek that only comes when you relax and let it be understand that life is not easy and through the bad to good boom be that much greater and through the sorrow The Joy will be uplifting stay positive in all this negative that's the greatest treasure find peace within and live that's the the initiative.

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    Me trying to be happier in my writing