A discourse with Mother

A discourse with Mother

Oh mother! Dear mother!
Let's have a discourse.
An open end to end discourse!
Let's begin with "How do you feel?"

How do you feel when I am inside your womb for nine long months?
How do you feel when I come out of your womb after nine long months?
How do you feel when you suffer the pain?
And how do you feel when you still manage to smile with that pain?

Oh mother, we are your creation and it took me a while to realize that we are also the destruction.
You never disclaimed to have loved us all selflessly.
But then, why, why didn't you stop us from taking advantage of your modesty?

Dear mother, let's continue this discourse.
Moving to - "What's your expectation from us?"
Do you want us to preserve, conserve and habitat for humanity?
Oh yes, we shall do that, we shall do that now.
For now is the time for us the selfish human beings,
To unwind and rewind our ancient human values!

Hence, Oh mother, Dear mother!
It's a humble request to you, from a tiny part of this universe, the human-race,
To have such a discourse openly,
Whenever you feel the pain silently!

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