A Disease

War is a disease.
It sucks you in, with promise of glory and patriotism.
Then it spits you out all gnarled, disfuntional, dead.
It leaves terrors in your mind, that prevent sleep.
War is a disease,
that has no cure, no drug that can erase the damage, fix sanity.
Nothing to scrub free the images of blood, of gore, of death.
You become immune to it all,
but it always weighs its toll on your mind.
War is a corrupting disease.
It annhilates connections,
teras apart families.
It leave mothers and fathers,
husbands and wives,
brothers and sister and children,
anxious to if they will ever see their loved ones again.
It tears into their calm lives at home,
shredding optimism into fear for safety.
War is a disease,
that I want no part of.

-Go for Peace.
-Go for Unity.
-Go for Love.

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