A Disney poem for ending the year 2020

On December 31, 2019, we wished upon a star so dear

With a whole new world ahead of us and dreams that would go infinite and beyond for the year.

However, 2020 was filled with surprises; more of a beast than a beauty.

A year filled with reflection where we tried to go the (social) distance which was our very duty.

We were worried for the rest of our days; we all had a whole new groove.

We had to be one jump ahead of the game and watch our every move.

With our families, friends, and bare necessities, we strived to get through anything that came our way.

We made sure to make the best of the situation and whistle while we worked (from home) and always Be prepared for what all the doctors and politicians had to say.

As we grew and worked together, we learned what is valuable in our lives and what we needed to Let it go

As we walked into the unknown and applauded every (zero to) hero.

As we enter into the year 2021, we are hesitant but we push forward with the circle of life and hope.

We hope it’s a year of success and blessing; will the pandemic be our guest? Nope!

Happy holidays and New Years to all - that is something I can guarantee.

If you ever need a hand or any advice, You’ve always got a friend in me.

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