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A Divine Encounter

Her long walnut brown hair, unbraided
Blowing in the midsummer evening's breeze
Attired in a gown of emerald green
A maiden, standing by the tree
At the top of my ancestors' hill

Casting upon her divine face, a warm welcoming look
And fixated with mine, those placid heavenly eyes
That commands a look of strength
Her beauty, so ethereal
Must be of a celestial being

No gold does she wear
Standing on her shoulder,
That little mysterious owl, hooting
So mystical, yet pristine
While hearing echoes of a whisper
My good old heart, restless
Pounding upon her gaze, to an everlasting euphoria

An aura of love, so platonic, emanates from the air
Capturing attention regardless of
Is she, the goddess of the flashing eyes, taking a human form
She, who watches over us all
And reigns in all gentleness and purity

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