A Do and Don't world


Our world has changed with the COVID.
We live by a new set of rules,
A world of do's and don'ts
And quarantine the word of the day.
Wear a mask, don't go with crowds.
Don't go to that movie or game.
Not feeling quite well? Stay home, don't go.
And wash your hands a lot.
Cut short your wanderings around the mall,
Not browsing or meeting with friends.
Just get what you want and say, "Good-bye.
See you again another day."
When meeting a friend, stay six feet away
Though you long for a hug or touch.
You could phone or text or even try ZOOM
But it's never the same as together.
Now is the time for those waiting tasks,
That list on the kitchen wall.
You look at the list , "Which should I do?"
And then you decide - some other day.
Though our world has changed with the COVID,
Some day it will change once again.
We'll go to work, or a movie or game.
We'll greet friends with a hand.
And the list on the wall will still be the same.

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