A Dreadful Felony

By Xathor   

far away from reality
solacing thy chalice with dignity
away from chaos and slavery
thou shall i conquer thy entity
with the melodies of forests and mistery

finding my lost serenity
i shall prevail my tears
i shall go through my fears
before i disappear
before thy ashes are scattered beyond the endless sky

time is the endless crime
so, gain in this mess your precious opportunity
far away from reality
walking and wandering with my broken pen in the fuggiest misties
by the symbol of Valknut and the ink with in my days of eldry

thou shall i conquer my dead entity
by the melodies of the broken castles and beasts

i shall prevail to my lost serenity

my serenity ... Not lost for me hopefully

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This Poems Story

one day, i was really depressed so i headed to the bar and started drinking with hope to change the mood of darkness and then this came to my mind and i wrote it right away on the bar's table ...