A Dream

I Saw Him in a Dream I must have been 10 yrs old.He had Dark Eyes and Dark Hair, His smile was Gentle ,Kind.His words played in my Head so Softly, When I Woke My Heart Full Of Love and Admeration, Sad He was not Sitting Just As I Saw Him At My Bed Side, Yet I felt I Would One Day Have a Wonderful Man Like Him.( Someday).
I saw Him in A Dream, I was 16,He Sat Proudly On a Large Stone by the Waters Edge, A Wave Of Pride Filled My Soul,
as If He Where There Waiting for Me, His Hand Outstretched, His Long Fingers and Large Hand so Softly Taken Into My Own,
I Woke and Tears Flowed From My Eyes For He Rescued Me From all the Pain.
I Saw Him in a Dream, I was 26 Years Old, He Layed Under the Soft Fabric, His Shoulders Braud His Chest Strong, His Heart Beat Moved Inside Me
Arms Stretched Out as if He Where Calling to Me, I Woke and Prayed Dear Lord Please Do Not Tease, I have Children With A Man,
I knew Then He would never come to Me, I hung My Head Ashamed for the Dream.
I Saw Him in A Dream, When i was 37 His Soul Kind and Full of Love a Forced Smile,
Concern in His Beautiful Eyes,
I Felt Him A Strong Hug of Reassurance,Trust and Honor On His Lips as He Kissed My Wet Cheek, He Saved Me.
I Woke Sobbing,My Mind Forsaking Me as it Showed Me What I Thought I Could Never Have.
I saw Him In A Dream,I was 54 years Old,On A Blanket Next To Me in the Night We Gazed At the Stars so Bold,
His Words Like Music As We Laughed,Resting My Head On His Chest,His Heart Beat Steady and Connected to Mine,
My Eyes Closed,Dear God Please Just Once In My Life Give Me Comfort,Love,Understanding,Protection from All Who Would Hurt Me,
Allow Me to Forget all but this Dream,Older Now , Alone am I Without My Dream,Alone in this World Full Of Beauty I can Not See while Awake,Children Now Grown, When I Woke He was There,I was Laying On His Lap, He Smiled Down at Me I Cried Tears Of Great Joy,
I Thanked God That Evening My Dream Came True, It Just Took Some time But God Always Knew,I had To Live Though The Pains of life,
So I To Could Be His Dream Come True.
No More Nightly Dreams Of Wanting,No More Shame for Desire Needed He was My Knight In Shining Armor All My Dreams Are Now Completed..

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