A Dream

A master of disguise, A thief of the night, stealing all of my realities and gone once again at twilight.
A figment of my imagination, a presence in time, like sand in an hourglass as the clock strikes nine.
I sleep just to see you, awaiting your return, I don't want to wake up, for it's your essence that I yearn.
But, it leaves me in ruin, for you're not at all real,
Your touch, your kiss are only repressed thoughts that I think I can feel.
Your eyes, your skin, your glow is an epiphany, it seems.
But I have to let go, I have to wake up because I know it's only a dream.
And yet, I'm falling, deep into the unknown.
All things cease to exist and only you and I are shown.
In this realm we are one, my soulmate, my hero, my king, my sun.
I know that I should stop this addiction, this game.
But I still await your return, to hear you call my name.
Soft, sweet whispers, as you approach me with a kiss.
This dream is too real for me, such heavenly, romantic bliss....
And yet still something's amiss.
What does this all mean?
Your presence, your touch, is all but a dream...
Once I awaken and open my eyes to the beginning of a new dawn,
A warm touch greets me, as I release a yawn.
Could this indeed be true?
Am I still asleep?
Your beautiful brown eyes and your smile causes me to weep.
For I am in too deep, in love with a fantasy.
I reach my hand to touch you, only to see if you're real, but poof..like a cloud of smoke, your likeness disappears.
How sad I am to know that I keep replaying this facade, day in and day out, I'm chasing a mirage.
It's torture, it's cruel, more than a mere joke.
To have your love in my arms to dissolve in smoke!
I continue to go on, living day by day, wondering and praying if God will ever send you my way.
I still search at night in my sleep, patiently waiting for you.
When suddenly, there's a knock on the door as the clock strikes two.
Who can this be? I think and I wonder...
A tall gentleman with brown eyes awaits as I ponder.
There's a soft pound in my heart, just beneath the seams..
It is now that I realized you were never just a dream.

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