A Dream..

A dream, a ream leaping forth from the spring of my imagination,
My desires, my needs, and with oh-so-much ease I sleep,
Forgetting the world just as the world forgets me,
I picture many places and a thousand faces,
They reappear and disappear as if to say"don't leave us here..."
Old wounds torn back open, old memories reawakened,
Old ghosts' faces, everything is misshapen,
My world, it crumbles, my feet, they fumble,
while my mouth mumbles memories from past lives...
I cringe, I cry, I wonder why...
Will this pain cease, or at least decrease?
I am ripe with terror, I am wracked with screams, these are dreams,
Dreams, this is only a dream,
And so it is ream leaping forth from the spring of my imagination,
My head reels and rocks,
As nothingness presses and pervades my mind,
Thoughts and memories of abomination, perversion,
And worst by far desertion...
Then I hear myself scream, he is here,
He is watching, oh-so contently amused by my struggling and my pain,
Then, in vain, I try again, I will someone to come to my rescue..
But they never came, he comes for me at night,
he skips in and out of my sight even when it's light,
I am the victim of my own imagination,
Then it is left for me to wonder,
Alone I shall roam, thinking is this really only a dream?
Or in fact a seam of my sanity coming undone.

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