A Dream in Blue

I’m in love with a dream and a feeling I felt,
A sense of stability, a bond between two.
A gaze and you had me, a smile and you won me.
I had won you too, but no more you than I
Even in distance, we stood hand in hand.
I never need care if your eyes would wander
Never need see if I was your only one
Still others already saw, even tough we’d hardly shown
That our smiles and glances were for each other,
That our hearts had grown.
This was not a love fueled by passion,
but a love filled with wanting,
Wanting each other only to hold and to stay joined together
A sweet love had we found, with never an end in sight
An understanding unsaid, that we never need fight
I was free to be me, and you to be you
We were simply just two, that never wished to be fully one
For if we were one, we would loose the bond we had found
For I loved you for you, for not as a lover, but as my finest friend
All I need is your hand to hold,
your arms to grip tight to me, and your words to keep me warm.
No need say I love you, for a gaze says it all
No need to prove our love, for there was nothing to prove at all.

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